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Our mom's a natural in the kitchen! Join us for this short Williams-Sonoma video and learn first-hand how our mom inspired our family's passion for authentic Thai cooking - and why we love her so much!


Thaifusions describes our family, our handcrafted sauces and curries, and our passion to bring authentic Thai flavor to all the foods you love. Growing up, our mother’s original Thai recipes filled us with deep respect for our heritage, pride in our culture, and a lifelong craving for the fresh, potent flavors found only in authentic Thai cooking. We realized just how special these recipes were when we opened our family restaurant “Toi” in Seattle. Named after our mom, she shared her recipes and skills, served as our guide and inspiration, and was the final word on taste and standards. It was her work that earned us a place in Bon Appetit’s “Best of the Year” issue and national recognition in Travel and Leisure magazines. We now offer Thaifusions Sauces and Curries. Each made from mom’s recipes so everyone can experience the same Thai flavors we loved growing up. And once again, it’s a shared family passion – with mom serving as our guide and inspiration – and of course, the final word. We hope you enjoy! Kahp kuhn ka (Our humble gratitude)



Williams-Sonoma now offers Thaifusions nationwide! We are proud to announce our recent partnership with Williams-Sonoma - a company that has influenced and inspired us for decades. You can now find our sauces and curries online and at stores nationwide. 

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Want to take your stir-fry from drab to dazzling? Click here and learn simple wok tips for fresh Thai stir-fry that looks as good as it tastes.

Join us for this short Williams-Sonoma video and learn how to make delicious grilled satay in less than 10 minutes.



Transform your favorite foods with the fresh, delicious taste of our authentic Thai curries.

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Fresh, fragrant spices and sweet coconut milk make Thai curries deliciously different – and there is no better example than our Thaifusions Panang Curry. Rich, warm, and a bit spicier than our Green Curry, its deep orange-red color comes from the fresh herbs and spices speckled throughout. By handcrafting our family recipe in small batches, our Panang Curry bursts with tangy Thai heat and robust, savory-sweet taste. This fusion of subtle and strong flavors creates an intense, yet balanced curry – ideal for all slow-cooking meats, foil-wrapped salmon, or hearty seafood like steamed mussels and clams. Craving Tom Kha Soup? Just add chicken or vegetable broth to our Panang Curry for a delicious, homemade soup base.



What makes Thai curries so special? Fresh, fragrant spices and sweet coconut milk. Slightly milder than our Panang Curry, our tangy, zesty Thaifusions Green Thai Curry gets its delicate color, heady aroma, and sweet Thai kick from our family-recipe blend of organic coconut milk, young green chili peppers, spicy Thai basil, sweet cilantro, fresh Kaffir lime leaves and much more. We hand craft each small batch to ensure every ingredient reaches peak flavor – creating nuanced notes rarely found in curries. Best known for infusing beef dishes with a sweet, floral spice, it also elevates pork, mussel, or clam dishes to a new level – giving them a tangy, sophisticated kick like nothing
else can.

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Our authentic sauces are the perfect way to infuse all your favorite foods with incredible Thai flavor.



Have you ever tasted an authentic Thai peanut sauce? Once you experience its tangy, spicy flavor, it’s hard to settle for anything less. That's why we make our Thaifusions Peanut Sauce with only the highest-quality ingredients according to our original family recipe. Handcrafting each small batch takes longer, but this allows us to create a unique, nuanced flavor that enhances, but never overwhelms, your favorite foods. Our Peanut Sauce is perfect for topping chicken wings or ribs, drizzling over Thai lettuce wraps or fresh spring rolls, as a dip to give vegetables a kick, or, for a bold yet light dressing, simply whisk in a little rice wine vinegar and toss into salads for irresistible Thai flavor.

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One taste of our Thaifusions Sweet Onion Chili Jam may redefine your definition of “condiment.” Yes, it’s delicious – it’s versatile – it improves everything you put it on – but to us, it’s so much more. We cook each small batch of Walla Walla Sweet Onions, roasted chili flakes, tamarind, vinegar, fresh garlic, and shallots down to a heady, caramelized distillation: leaving behind a savory jam of tangy-sweet Thai heat that explodes with flavor. The possibilities are endless: create gourmet burgers, use as a glaze for grilling pork, lamb, chicken, prawns, salmon, clams and vegetables, add to stir fry and single-pot dishes, take cheese and crackers to new heights, or create the ultimate grilled-cheese sandwich by pairing it with gruyere, fontina, and white cheddar cheese.

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In America, debating the superiority of regional barbecue is a national pastime – and opinions can get a little hot. Thankfully, our Thaifusions Mango Ginger BBQ Sauce is in a category all its own. By cooking in small batches with the highest-quality ingredients like fresh ginger, ripe mango, spicy Thai chilies, brown sugar and coriander, it has a big, bold Thai flavor that tastes deliciously above debate. Ideal for grilling ribs, chicken, steak, salmon, prawns and vegetables, slathering over a pulled pork sandwich, blending into hamburger for savory Thai BBQ burgers, or creating a decadent Thai BBQ chicken pizza: just layer our Mango Ginger BBQ Sauce under smoky cheese, seared chicken, and colorful veggies.

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Did you know authentic Sriracha sauce comes from the coastal city of Si Racha in central Thailand? With so many hot sauces claiming to be Sriracha, finding the real thing can be confusing. We suggest an easier way: try our authentic, family-recipe Thaifusions Sriracha Sauce – it’s made the Thai way: slowly, in small batches, with the highest-quality ingredients. Spicy, tangy, and just the right amount of sweet, our Sriracha Sauce ignites the senses - and perfectly balances bold flavor with exquisite Thai heat. Whether you drizzle, blend, infuse, sprinkle, or top, our Sriracha Sauce delivers a delicious kick of flavor to all your favorite foods.

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You can find our Thaifusions Sauces and Curries online and in-store through these fine retailers:


Market of Choice

New Seasons Markets
California, Oregon &

Nugget Markets

Pasta & Co.
Seattle, Washington


Pickled & Preserved
Burien, Washington

Washington & Oregon

Red Apple
Kirkland, Washington

Washington & Oregon

Stadium Thriftway
Tacoma, Washington

Mill Creek, Washington

Tacoma Boys


Almond Blossom
Leavenworth, Washington

Central Co-op
Seattle, Washington

Cone & Steiner
Seattle, Washington

Chuck’s Produce
Vancouver, Washington

Full Circle Farms


Harbor Greens

Home Remedy
Seattle, Washington

Kai Market
Seattle, Washington

Metropolitan Markets

Seattle, Washington



Town & Country Markets

The Epicurean Trader
San Francisco, California

The Food Co-op
Port Townsend, Washington

The London Plane
Seattle, Washington

The Markets

The Meat Hook
Brooklyn, New York

Third Culture Coffee
Bellevue, Washington

Tracy’s Roadside Produce

Washington & Oregon

Whole Foods Markets
Washington & Oregon

World Foods
Portland, Oregon

Zupan's Markets
Portland, Oregon